The beginning of the end of a music career

You may be willing to become a superstar, but do you have what it takes to run a successful music career?

Image: Unsplash

“No one should believe in you more than yourself. They can, but you have to be your biggest believer.”

It’s one thing to have a good product out there, it’s another to put it to great use. I understand that not everyone is extroverted, but just as a good music career relies on talent, strategy, branding, marketing, teamwork and of course risks and expenses, it is also built on character. Your music career is to an enormous extent, your personal journey. Having a good team, a label or the required funding, doesn’t make you bulletproof from failure. Infact, I would say it’s a slippery slope to failure.

I am passionate about talent and creativity. A writer who doubles as a mental health advocate and relationship counselor.