I am passionate about talent and creativity. A writer who doubles as a mental health advocate and relationship counselor.

This year’s Met Gala red carpet and the fashion statements made…

Grimes in Iris Van Herpen, photo by Getty Images

Fashion’s biggest night of the year had the global fandom in awe with the innovative and distinct outfits celebrities and their designer dates rocked to the Met Gala red carpet. While the Met Gala date was moved from the traditional first Monday in May due to circumstances likely facilitated by…

Maybe when most of us do, they’ll fix up

writing on medium
Photo: Glenn Carstens-Peter on unsplash

Like many writers on medium, I birthed my writing journey with this amazing platform. From creating a profile to read other peoples stories, I wrote my first story.

This move to write and share my stories was borne out of a place of emotional and mental health issues which seemed…

And we have only scratched the surface…

Do2Dtun on crazy tings happening
Photo by OAV Productions

I haven’t written on medium in a while due to a lot of stuff going on with me. Although I have been writing on other platforms and publications because they’re a part of my daily work routine, and unlike Medium, I have to meet deadlines over there. …

Shiivar Prenko

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